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The International Union of Railways, UIC, is the worldwide organisation for the promotion of rail transport and collaborative development of the railway system at global level. It brings together some 200 members from 100 countries across 5 continents, among them rail operators, infrastructure managers, rail service providers.

UIC maintains and develops close cooperation links with all actors involved in transport issues, including international organisations and public authorities, railway associations, manufacturers and stakeholders in other sectors whose action may be beneficial to rail development. It represents the rail sector with consultative to the United Nations. UIC's main tasks include understanding the business needs of the rail community, developing programmes of innovation to identify solutions to those needs and publishing a series of documents known as “International Railway Solutions” (IRS) that facilitate the implementation of these innovations. UIC’s technical department draw their lead from the strategies defined by the members of its specialized forums and platforms.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (UIC) on railway safety and security