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Towards Ensuring Road Safety in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Official Side Event organised by UfMS
The "Cosmic Artists Tramphouse show" - organised by Saxony
Bicycle Tour with the Mayor of Leipzig 2018
Working together for safer city streets
Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue: Towards holistic governance of the maritime logistics chain
Decarbonising Maritime Transport
Vehicle Safety in Emerging Markets: Safer cars for Latin American
Looking towards 2019: Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration
Transforming sustainable transport: from ambition to reality
Protecting public spaces in urban areas
Young Tae Kim interviewed by Media Travel Programme journalists
The next decade for road safety: Adopting lessons learned from the Decade of Action 2011-2020
Launch of Women in Public Transport Network
Meeting with Martin Dulig
Is blockchain the answer to cybersecurity?
Plenary Session: Innovation for safe and secure transport
Cyber-security threats to transport
Transdev Vision and Strategy for Transport on Demand
Improving safety: A system-wide approach
ITS technologies for safer and more secure road freight transport
Inspiration from the cutting edge of 21st century mobility
Open Ministerial: Making transport systems resilient
Interview with Michael Replogle
ITF Transport Outlook 2018
Open Stage Cafe: Coffee and Networking
Who's Behind the Wheel? Analytics in the Driver's Seat
Open Stage Cafe: AEOLIX- European data exchange network for Logistics
Ministers' Tour of the Exhibition 2018
Meeting with Fang Liu, ICAO
Protecting the skies with secure and efficient air travel
Road safety - from “Vision Zero” to Safe System
Opening Plenary: Safe and secure transport for the 21st century
Saxony: 2018 Summit Regional Partner
Dependency of transport on digital devices
Open Stage Cafe: Sustainable Mobility for All: Bringing the Vision to Life
Open Stage Cafe: Unlocking data from safety critical network
Women in Transport, organised by Bombardier Transportation
Raising awareness for safer, more secure mobility
Gender equality in transport: The EU perspective
Decarbonising Transport: Towards a catalogue of effective measures
Ministers' Roundtable: Overcoming barriers to fair, secure and efficient international road transport
Open Stage Cafe: Transforming Transport Big Data Lighthouse Project presented by INTRASOFT International
Women's Personal Security in Transport in Latin America
Signing and Press Conference: Africa Road Safety Observatory
Deutsche Bahn: Summit Mobility Partner
Ensuring secure and resilient supply chains
Minister's Roundtable: Transport and climate change: Moving forward from COP23
Uncertain Skies? Drones in the World of Tomorrow
Stop the Crash Demonstration
Latvijas Dzelzcels joins Corporate Partnership Board
Launch of iRAP's Big Data Tool
ITF/UIC/UNECE Rail Security Workshop
Official Side Event Organised by POLIS: From Data to Policy
DEKRA: Summit Platinum Sponsor
ITF Masterclass: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Morning Media Briefing Day 1
Bombardier: Summit Diamond Sponsor