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Niklas Gustafsson

Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group

As CSO of Volvo Group Niklas is responsible for the interface to society stakeholder within the areas of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs. Niklas is also responsible for the Volvo Group global representation offices in the main markets and world political power centers. In Volvo Group Niklas has held the following positions since 2008: Senior Vice President Public and Environmental Affairs, Volvo Group, 2008-2013 Executive Vice President, Corporate Public & Environmental Affairs Volvo Group 2013-2014 Chief Sustainability Officer, Corporate Sustainability & Public Affairs Volvo Group 2015-2017 Chief Sustainability Officer, CTO Office 2018-. Before joining the Volvo Group in 2008 Niklas worked at Volvo Car Corporation, 1987-2008. He held different positions at Volvo Cars mainly in the areas of electronics and engine development as well as several years within environmental engineering, communications and governmental affairs.