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Miguel Gaspar

City Councillor for Mobility and Safety, Lisbon, Portugal

Miguel Feliciano Gaspar is the City Councillor for Mobility and Safety of Lisbon. Between 2003 and 2015 he worked in a consulting company for mobility as consultant and administrator. As administrator he was responsible for the business development. In the area of planning he participated in the development of mobility plans, and other tools for territorial management and impact assessment of new transport infrastructures and concession management. Concerning urban mobility, he developed different activities in the area of business development and regulation of parking and urban logistic. Regarding public transport, he participated in developing regulatory framework for the sector, tendering process and network analysis and improvement. More recently he developed projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems, both at a consultancy level, but also as an active member of the Portuguese ITS association. He was the assistant of the State Secretary for the Environment he participated actively in the development of sectorial regulation, including regulation for innovative transport solutions. He was responsible of the technical work regarding the decision support for the Portuguese State regarding its role as Transport Authority, including the transference of Carris for the city of Lisbon, the transference of the STCP management for the municipalities and funding schemes for Public Service Contracts of Public Transport Operators. As Councilman for the city of Lisbon, he is responsible for the city traffic management, for the municipal BUS and Tram company Carris, for the municipal mobility company EMEL (responsible for on-street and off-street parking), road safety, and the Municipal Police (including traffic enforcement and community police).