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Guillermo Dietrich

Minister of Transport, Argentina

Guillermo Dietrich graduated in Economics, has a postgraduate Degree in Negotiation at the Argentine Catholic University and an MBA with Magna Cum Laude at the IAE Business School of the Austral University of Argentina. In 2009 he was appointed to join the Mayor Mauricio Macri as Head of Transport of Buenos Aires. His administration contributed to improve the quality of life of citizens through strong enhancement to public transport and to healthy mobility, transforming the city with emblematic public works as the Metrobus and Ecobici, which achieved international recognition. In 2015, he became Minister of Transport of Argentina, a position he currently holds and from which he carries out an ambitious plan for the transformation of transport infrastructure, multiplying the connectivity, building highways to provide greater predictability and security to the movement of people and goods, revitalizing the freight train to foster regional economies, improving ports and their accesses and encouraging public transport in cities.