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Erwin Boer

Founder and President, Entropy Control

Erwin R. Boer has been deeply involved in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of driver support systems for nearly 25 years. These systems received gradually increasing levels of technical autonomy but not necessarily human sensibility. To fill this hole, Dr. Boer is currently responsible for the development of autonomous vehicles with a human heart (U-Leeds) and cooperative vehicles with a human touch (TU-Delft). He holds academic position at TU-Delft in cognitive robotics, at U-Leeds in intelligent transport and at UCSD in Ophthalmology. He is founder and president of Entropy Control, a research consulting company specialized in designing human support systems that aid in reducing human behavioral entropy. He is also a senior scientist at NAUTO, a Silicon Valley startup focused on using real world data to improve driving safety.  His main research interest is the development of human-machine technologies that empower the human and the machine in a symbiotic fashion.