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Salah Awadh Alfarajalla

Senior Vice President Security and National Pilot Development, Etihad Airways

Captain Salah has been appointed as Senior Vice President Security and National Pilot Development, responsible for aviation and corporate security, and the overall leadership of Etihad Airways' cadet pilot programme in 2015. Captain Salah joined Etihad Airways in 2007 as a captain and has held the position of Vice President Aviation Security and National Pilot Development since 2010. He has played a pivotal role in the success and efficiency of our aviation security systems. He has also driven the strategic transformation of our cadet pilot programme, which, under his leadership, has developed more than 600 UAE national cadet pilots and created a degree programme with Abu Dhabi University which is unique in the global aviation industry. In this position, Captain Salah is a role model leader for future generations of pilots. Captain Salah has 36 years' experience in the aviation industry, incorporating 22 years in the UAE Air Force and Air Defence, from which he retired as a Colonel, and 10 years as Deputy Chief Executive for Presidential Flights. He is also a member of Etihad Airways People Advisory Board, a board of nine senior executives who advise and guide Etihad Airways' ongoing people strategy.