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Andrzej Adamczyk

Minister of Infrastructure, Poland

On January 9th 2018 Andrzej Adamczyk was appointed for the position of Minister of Infrastructure. Previously (since November 2015) Minister of Infrastructure and Construction. Since 2005 he has been a Member of Parliament for the V, VI, VII and VIII terms of office. Long-term deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Infrastructure and member of the Commission for Poles Abroad. He participated at the work of subcommittees on construction as well as spatial and housing management, on monitoring the use of EU funds and on land transport. He specializes in, road and rail infrastructure as well as construction issues. In parliament he dealt with, inter alia, the governmental draft law on road companies of special purpose, the amendment of the "Construction Law" and draft law on simplification of the investment process in housing. He actively participated at the work on the amendment of the law on housing cooperatives. As the councillor of Cracow county for two terms of office, he chaired the Infrastructure Committee. He has a university degree in economy.